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In the System but Not of It: Systemic Coaching & Constellations

“If peace comes from seeing the whole, then misery stems from a loss of perspective”. Mark Nepo   Systemic Coaching and Constellations has emerged over the last 20 years as a powerful, awareness-based approach to seeing and transforming challenges in our personal, team and organisational lives. By creating maps of the whole system, it enables … Continued

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Leading Systemic Dialogue: From Silos to the Whole System

“Leadership is about being better able to listen to the whole than anyone else can” Otto Scharmer (2009) Theory U: Learning from the Future as It Emerges By Edward Rowland and Sarah Rozenthuler During these times of upheaval, the need to move forward in alignment with others has never been greater. The leadership challenges of today … Continued

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Purpose-led Leadership: the Three Adventures

“It’s at the juncture where organizational purpose and individual calling start to resonate with and reinforce each other that truly extraordinary things happen.”  (Frederic Laloux, Reinventing Organizations)  By Edward Rowland and Sarah Rozenthuler This post explores how we can tap more fully into personal purpose and organizational purpose, so that they align with and resource each … Continued

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