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Purpose, Place and Path: A Systemic Leadership Community – Two day Introduction

June 26 - June 27

Introduction: A New Approach

In these times of unprecedented turbulence, disruption and transformation, building and leading purposeful, healthy and high-performing organisations is challenging. This context calls for leaders to be equipped with additional resources and practices, both personal and systemic.

This two-day experiential workshop introduces the concept, practices and capacities of systemic leadership – and our ‘whole self, whole systems’ approach – which energises individuals, builds potent teams and strengthens the system as a whole.

Our approach will enable you to get underneath and beyond the emergent dynamics and repeating patterns that are limiting you, your team and/or your organisation from realising it’s full potential. You will be able to look at your business with a ‘wide angled lens’, to see what’s emerging in your organisation and industry – equipping you with insights that can facilitate sustainable shifts in the flow of innovation, performance and engagement (both within your organisation and between your business and the market you operate within).

The workshop also serves as an introduction to our longer 9-month Community – consisting of 3 two- day circles and executive coaching support – which begins in autumn 2019. The programme as a whole will help you develop the inner resources to step across the threshold into the next chapter of your own purpose and potential, and develop the systems leadership capacities to build healthy and purposeful teams and organisations.


Who is this for?

This programme is designed for senior leaders – including those in internal change, OD and HR roles – who want to build their systemic capabilities and take their leadership to the next level in service of a healthy and sustainable future; for themselves, their personal system, their organisations and the wider ecosystem.


This Two-day Introduction: What can you Expect?

Within the two days, we will create a supportive, energising container and sense of community, and we will bring our approach of ‘whole self’ and ‘whole system’ into the foreground. Although we cannot cover everything in two days, we do want you to experience you a sample of the overall programme. Together, we will:

• Get to know each other – share our stories, experiences & current challenges
• Tap into your emergent and highest potential and from this context, distil a sense of purpose
• Unpack any limiting & repeating patterns that could disrupt your path towards your highest potential
• Find out what it will take for you to step over this threshold
• Explore some of the key skills and capacities of leading purposeful organisations
• Tune into the wider systems within which you operate & discern broader systemic challenges that could disrupt the vibrancy & flow within your systems

Through powerful mapping (constellating) processes – as well as personal reflection, coaching inquiry and group dialogue – you will strengthen yourself to move forward with greater confidence, excitement and ease.


The Community

The intensive, immersive and highly experiential programme will consist of 3 circles of two days, with executive coaching sessions in between these community ‘gatherings’. There will be some inputs around developing your systemic capabilities. However, the main focus will be experiential, and applying these capabilities to your live challenges, together with rich dialogue.

We are keeping numbers strictly limited, in order to facilitate a sense of community. From the outset, we will aim to create the highest level of confidentiality with peers across different industry sectors. This will be a safe and supportive place to share your challenges, and to leverage helpful and constructive provocation and guidance as you work through live issues in your leadership.


Our Approach:  Whole Self, Whole System

The leadership challenges of today are far too complex for any one person to solve by thinking and acting alone. They require diverse stakeholders to think, talk, and co-create together in unprecedented ways.

This workshop will introduce you to the core capacities of systemic leadership and our ‘whole self, whole systems’ approach – which integrates Systemic Coaching & Constellations with other cutting edge practices for accessing systemic intelligence (including generative dialogue, Theory U, and mindfulness or presence).

These capacities have a dual function. First, they shift the inner space from which a leader operates by bringing awareness and mindful presence to our leadership and interventions in systems. Second, they also expand the space of possibility between leaders by enriching how we talk, think, and act together while mapping and exploring the subtle yet powerful dynamics at play in the whole system.


Our Team

This programme is a collaboration between TWP and Tess Cope of the Transformation Agency

Edward Rowland is Founding Chair and lead facilitator of TWP

Tess Cope works exclusively with corporate clients through executive coaching, leadership team facilitation and consults around culture & systemic dynamics. Her business experience spans various industry sectors including financial services, distribution, media (B2B & B2C), and private healthcare. She has had Board & Global experience and various roles which included a primary focus on Leadership Development & Cultural Transformation. She She has been developing her systemic mastery since 2012, has studied extensively with a range of global leaders & teachers in this field and is passionate about instilling these capabilities within the organisational ecosystem to enable sustainable transformation.


What People Say

“I am proactively exercising the approach from this workshop every day. It was the most effective and rewarding workshop I have ever attended. Thank you for giving me the opportunity” 

Head of Client Relations, Business to Business Media Company

“Groundbreaking, remarkable – and hugely enjoyable.”

Ninian Stuart, Chair Falkland Estates Ltd.

“Tess coached me through a time of significant change and transition both professionally and personally over a period of 12 months. With her systemic approach, she helped me to maximise my strengths and let go of traits that no longer served me or the business. She guided and supported me through some of the toughest choices of my career to date, which have proven to be incredibly rewarding and invigorating.”

Mandy Cluskey, Associate MD, Retail Week

“Awesome, profoundly insightful. The process allowed me to explore the purpose of my organisation with amazing depth and precision. It’s difficult to conceive of another method that could be so powerful as the systemic approach “.

Charles O’Malley, United Nations Senior Adviser and Lead X



£895 + VAT per person


Residential Practicals

Dates & Times: 26th& 27thJune 2019

Day 1 – 10am start concluding with Evening Dinner

Day 2 – 9am start – finish 5pm

Location: Tofte Manor, Souldrop Road, Sharnbrook, Beds MK44 1HH

Refreshments:  All food & drinks are included – please make us aware of any specific dietary  requirements

Accommodation: This is available at Tofte Manor on the evening of 26thJune (at an additional price & paid directly to the venue – email Tricia at admin@wholepartnership.com for prices & options).



Please register and pay online below. If you have any queries, please contact us.



June 26
June 27


Tofte Manor, Souldrop Road, Sharnbrook, Beds MK44 1HH
Souldrop Road, Sharnbrook, Beds MK44 1HH United Kingdom + Google Map