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Systemic Leadership: A One-day Introduction (Invitation only)

June 16, 2021 @ 10:00 am - 6:00 pm

Introduction: Leadership in a Time of Disruption

Leaders are operating in a world experiencing unprecedented levels of disruption. The leadership challenges of today are not amenable to ‘command and control’ forms of leadership, nor linear approaches to problem solving. They are far too complex for any one person to solve by thinking and acting alone. This context calls for leaders to be equipped with additional skill sets, resources and practices, both personal and systemic.


Our Approach:  Whole Self, Whole System

This one-day workshop introduces the principles, research and capacities of systemic leadership – and a ‘whole self, whole systems approach’ – that energises & builds potent leaders, teams and strengthens the system as a whole. These capacities have a dual function:

  • They shift the inner space from which a leader operates by bringing awareness and mindful presence to our leadership, impact and interventions in systems
  • They expand the space of possibility between leaders by enriching how we talk, think and act together while mapping and exploring the subtle yet powerful dynamics at play in the whole system.

We will explore how a systemic approach can enable you to see underneath and move beyond the emergent dynamics and repeating patterns that may be limiting you, your team, your organisation and change initiatives from realising their full potential

The programme will help you begin to explore stepping across the threshold into the next chapter of your own purpose and potential, and explore and (further) develop the systemic leadership capacities needed to build healthy, purposeful organisations and to catalyse change within broader social, economic and political systems.


Who Is It For?

This one-day workshop is designed for leaders and change leaders from all sectors who want to build their systemic capabilities, take their leadership to the next level in service of a healthy and sustainable future – for themselves, their personal system, their organisations and their wider ecosystem.

For this invitation-only event, we are bringing together a circle of senior leaders and internal change leaders – many of whom have trained in a constellations-based method – to explore this leadership approach together.


Key Benefits

In a supportive and energising space, you will:

  1. Explore some of the inner and outer skills and capabilities of systemic leadership. These include building effective ‘containers’ for transformation, crystallising a potent organisational purpose and aligning with ordering principles that can help you address complex systems dynamics more effectively.
  2. Explore the “3 movements” of Systemic leadership in relation to a live change question you are holding. This will include looking at your challenge with a ‘wide angled lens’, to see what’s emerging in your organisation and the wider context you operate within – equipping you with insights that can facilitate sustainable shifts in the flow of innovation, performance and engagement.
  3. Explore your current challenges and the future that wants to emerge, connect with your purpose and what will personally resource you moving more deeply into your true potential.
  4. Attune to the optimal actions – or ‘true moves’ – to deliver effective impact on your organization and the system as a whole.


Our Practices: How we will work

In addition to introducing the core capacities and underpinning research of systemic leadership, this experiential programme will draw from our ‘whole self, whole systems’ approach – which integrates Systemic Leadership Coaching & Constellations work with other cutting edge practices for accessing systemic intelligence (including generative dialogue, Theory U, mindfulness and presence).

Through powerful and dynamic embodied mapping processes, combined with coaching inquiry and personal reflection you will be resourced to move forward with greater confidence, energy and ease.


What People Say (about our longer 4-day programme)

“A deep and insightful journey that was beautifully held in a loving container. Helped me connect with my core leadership capacities through a powerful systemic lens. Now I am holding much more conscious awareness of this in my leadership role and adapting accordingly. It is 21st century fit and perfect for the current epoch we are living through. Absolutely recommended – Brilliant!”
Amit Zala, Catalyst & Co-Founder, Fieldwork


“From my own experience, “zooming back” to see the system – and applying systemic leadership principles – allows better decisions to be made, and so actions to be taken today, for a better future tomorrow. A skillset that is essential for our times”.  
Dr Dorte Rich Jorgensen


“A wonderful, profound programme. I found it very insightful and helpful and I learned so much from the content, from the beautiful way it was facilitated and from all the various exercises and experiences. I came away with many nuggets myself to help me in both work and life, and also thirsty for more”.
Jeremy Keeley, Leadership Coach


Dates and Format 
  • June 16th, 2021 (10am-1pm and 3-6pm, BST or UTC+1)

The course is run online, through 2 x 3 hour sessions via Zoom. We separate the two sessions with a long lunch break. This tried and tested format enables us to immerse ourselves in the work, yet is spacious enough to respect everyone’s capacity for time online. Times and dates are as follows, all are UK times:



Edward Rowland is the Founder of and lead facilitator – for TWP, and he will be supported by members of the TWP faculty.

Deborah Haskew is a systemic leadership coach and organisational psychologist

Charlie O’Malley has been working for almost 20 years on a variety of environmental and social change initiatives with businesses, non-profits and governments. He currently spends a lot of his time at the UN Development Programme working to develop a more sustainable agriculture system. He has worked on a number of multi-stakeholder, “whole systems change” projects across both social and environmental issues. His early career was in finance and venture capital and he has worked with many start ups and early stage, mission-driven businesses. He runs regular events for “pioneers and leaders of change” which aim to create spaces for deeper connection and peer learning and support.

Josefina Errazuriz is a transformation specialist and systemic coach based in Chile.



The event is free and by invitation only. We are bringing together a circle of senior leaders and internal change leaders – many of whom have trained in a constellations-based method – to explore this leadership approach together.


June 16, 2021
10:00 am - 6:00 pm


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