Systemic Leadership Coaching with Constellations is a pioneering awareness-based approach to seeing and transforming challenges at both an organisational and personal level.

By creating maps of the whole system, using a ‘wide angle lens’, it enables the invisible dynamics of even seemingly intractable situations to be illuminated – and often resolved – quickly and effectively. This approach also helps leaders develop the core Systemic leadership capabilities needed to lead change successfully.

Key Benefits for Leaders

The benefits of this approach include:

  • Simplifying complexity: the sometimes overwhelming sense of complexity leaders and executives can experience handling critical business and leadership challenges is usually lifted.
  • Untangling patterns and conflicts: hidden dynamics in the relationships between different parts of the system are revealed, enabling stuck patterns and misplaced loyalties to be addressed and resolved.
  • Enabling innovation: by giving people a clearer sense of the whole and ways forward that strengthen the whole system, the potential for innovation and energy to achieve excellence can be unlocked.
  • Finding our place: helping leaders – and their change coaches – find their right place in the system leads to a greater sense of belonging and wellbeing, and improves performance

It’s a deeply insightful and revealing process, which you handle with great skill and sensitivity. Hugh Evans, Director of Executive Education, Henley Business School.

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Mapping Complex Challenges

A short video where Ed speaks about this approach.

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