Conflict Transformation: A Systemic Approach (Online)

The ability to face and address hard truths which may give rise to conflict is a core Systemic Leadership capacity. Equipped with this capacity, we become agents of the real transformation so many of us feel is needed in our organisations and wider systems. Those in leadership roles – and those aspiring to be leaders of the future – are invited to join our powerful online programme to develop this skill.

In five half-day sessions spread over five weeks we journey together with gentleness and mutual respect through this edgy territory.  Guided by Ben Yeger and Milly Sinclair – both international specialists in conflict transformation – and supported by the systemic perspective, we look squarely at the conflicts we experience daily in this changing world. We rewire our understanding and grow new muscles, enabling us to incorporate a systemic lens when facing these challenges. We lean into the ‘edge and tension,’ finding our way through conflict issues into dynamic flow.

Conflict is expressed between people, so we usually try to deal with it there. However, it is our experience that whilst the effect is personal, the cause is often systemic and structural. We therefore need a wider and more sophisticated lens to understand it and to respond effectively. This leads to greater productivity within individuals and the system as a whole.

In this emerging reality, building our capacity to face conflict well is essential. Those of us who learn this skill will be of great value in these times, as enablers of transformation and flow.


Purpose of the programme

We explore:

  • What is conflict trying to tell us that we need to hear?
  • How do we as individuals and organisations deal with conflict currently?
  • How can we think differently about conflict so it becomes an enabler for growth and innovation, not a hindrance?
  • How do we support individuals in conflict, whilst seeing the big picture?
  • How do we work creatively with difference, even those stark and deeply held, to discover the solutions we need in a complex and ambiguous world?


Who is it for?
  • Board level leadership, Heads of HR, OD leads.
  • Anyone facing conflict or situations where there is significant difference of opinions in the workplace/role on a regular basis.
  • Those stepping into positions of leadership, or who wish to upskill themselves to become the leaders of the future that they feel the potential to become.
  • People – including conflict professionals – who seek a different approach to conflict transformation.


How will I and my organisation benefit from this programme?

Within yourself:

  • Deeper understanding of personal triggers to conflict and the impact on your ability to connect with others.
  • Increased clarity about yourself in situations of conflict.
  • Developing more choices regarding how you act in conflict.

With colleagues, within teams:

  • Understanding how ill-expressed and unexpressed conflict leads to stalemate.
  • Strengthening capability to create structures allowing for safe expression of difficulty.
  • Illuminating how to move from breakdown to flow of collaboration, connection and creativity.

For the organisation:

  • Insight to what interpersonal conflicts tell us about the whole system.
  • Exploration of structural change supporting the organisation to thrive.

For wider stakeholders :

  • Knowledge of how to work with wider organisational stakeholders – who may have conflicting interests – to enable all to flourish.


Course Structure

The course is run online spread over five weeks with the following framework:

  • One-to-one pre-course interview with one of the course leaders – both internationally renowned facilitators in this field – to help clarify your intentions.
  • Five weekly half-day sessions held online.
  • Optional ‘homework’ practice between sessions to help deepen your learning experience.
  • Balance of theory, dialogue and practice in each session.
  • Belonging to a group of leaders, coaches and change-makers within a richly diverse learning pool.


“Throughout the experience, I have come back into contact with insights and understandings that had slipped into the background of my day to day experience of living. This experience has both enriched my present and future self. I would encourage all and any to immerse in this programme.”

Marina Bolton – Director of Organisational Development, UK Civil Service


Conflict Transformation: A Systemic Approach is running 7 March – 4 April 2022. For more information and to register, click here.

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