A major leadership challenge of today is for leaders both to realise their own potential, and to support the teams and systems of which they are a part to become more resilient, agile and innovative.

Our work will expand your own leadership and empower the teams you lead by enabling you to:

  • Navigate critical business challenges and find solutions that strengthen the system as a whole.
  • Develop your capacity for “Systemic Dialogue” and access the untapped collective intelligence in your midst.
  • Take the next step in becoming a high-performing team by demonstrating greater trust, cohesion and positivity.

Our team coaching with you will typically include the following elements:

1. Mapping Your Potential ™

Our engagement process is a brief but penetrating ‘deep dive’ into the current nature of your team’s presenting challenges. This ‘x-ray’ – using a range of cutting edge profiling and mapping tools – illuminates hidden dynamics, accurately maps the best future possibilities and charts the evolutionary pathways needed.

2. Co-creating Systemic Interventions

We co-create interventions which generate new insights into critical business challenges, and develop the skillsets to realise the deeper potential that lies beyond them. These custom-designed journeys will also help your team to connect to its business purpose, operationalize its strategy, and engage customers and stakeholders more fully.

3. Embodying the Shifts

The final phase of our work focuses on equipping you to embody the behavioral and mindset shifts needed to function as a high-performing team. It will also review – and where appropriate, audit – progress and learning so that your team stays aligned with its true purpose and potential..

For an example of our work with a team, go to our blog here: Leading Systemic Dialogue: From Silos to the Whole System

If you would like to talk to us about our team coaching, please contact us.