Judith Hemming Masterclass in Systemic Coaching and Constellations

St Ethelburga's Centre 78 Bishopsgate, London

Introduction We are delighted to welcome back Judith Hemming for this annual masterclass. A dive into the 'deep pools' of the wisdom of systemic constellations, Judith's masterclass replenishes us by reconnecting all present with the origins of this work. Judith pioneered the original COLPI Practitioner programme in systemic coaching and organisational constellations in the early … Continued

Roots and Fruits: A Systemic Gathering

St Ethelburga's Centre 78 Bishopsgate, London

Welcome It may not feel as if there's much to celebrate in the world right now, but please come and join us for Roots and Fruits, a gathering of celebration and gratitude for Systemic work, on Wednesday 19 October 2022 at 6-8:30pm at St Ethelburga’s Centre for Peace and Reconciliation, 78 Bishopsgate, London EC2N 4AG. … Continued

Introducción a lo Esencial: programa introductorio de formación en coaching y liderazgo sistémico con constelaciones

Club de Polo y Equitación Club de Polo y Equitación . Escrivá de Balaguer 5501,, San Cristóbal, Balaguer

Introducción El propósito de este taller de 3 días es introducirte a los principios, métodos y habilidades esenciales del Liderazgo y Coaching Sistémico con Constelaciones. Te ayudará para comenzar a integrar la lente sistémica, junto con la herramienta poderosa de las constelaciones, en tu práctica existente como coach o líder de cambios organizacionales. Nos enfocamos … Continued

Systemic Leadership Taster Series (online)


Introduction Leaders are operating in a world in the midst of unprecedented levels of disruption. The leadership challenges of today are not amenable to ‘command and control’, nor linear approaches to problem solving. They are far too complex for any one person to solve by thinking and acting alone. This context calls for leaders to … Continued

Systemic Leadership Coaching & Constellations: Practitioner Programme (COLPI 2022-23)

The Skylight Centre 49 Corsica Street, London

Introduction: A Community of Learning, Practice and Innovation COLPI is the first and original Practitioner programme in systemic coaching and organisational constellations, and the training builds on a highly regarded format that has run since 2000. The purpose of COLPI is to give you a thorough grounding in this powerful systemic lens and transformational method(s), and … Continued

Conflict Transformation: A Systemic Approach

Greencoat Place, 24 Greencoat Place, London SW1P 1RD 24 Greencoat Place, London

Conflict Transformation two-day intensive London Introduction The ability to face and address hard truths which may give rise to conflict is a core Systemic Leadership capacity. Equipped with this capacity, we become agents of the real transformation so many of us feel is needed in our organisations and wider systems. Those in leadership roles – … Continued

Systemic Leadership Coaching & Constellations: Introduction to the Essentials

Falkland Palace, Falkland, Fife, Scotland, KY15 7BY

Purpose The purpose of this 4-day workshop is to introduce you to the essential principles, method and skills of Systemic Leadership through Coaching and Constellations; it will help you begin to integrate this profound systemic lens - and some powerful tools - into your existing practice of coaching or catalysing others through change. Systemic Leadership … Continued

Systemic Leadership Coaching & Constellations: Introduction to the Essentials (Online)


Introduction This programme introduces you experientially to the core principles and skills that underpin a) Systemic Coaching and b) the application of Constellations in a coaching context. You will begin to integrate this systemic lens, and some powerful tools, such as constellating in one-to-one and team settings and diagnostic constellations of wider systems, into your … Continued

Freeing up your Future: 2-day Vocational workshop

The Skylight Centre 49 Corsica Street, London

Introduction This 2-day Circle will be a resourcing and regenerative community helping you – as leaders, change makers and practitioners – realign with your true purpose and potential, and the flow of work that wants to come through you. And a chance to experience the magic of in person full group constellations! Do you feel … Continued

Systemic Leadership Coaching & Constellations: Practitioner Programme (2023 – modular online)


Introduction This is a new online version of the original English-speaking Practitioner programme in Systemic Leadership Coaching and organisational constellations (known as COLPI). The training celebrated its 21st birthday in 2021 by transferring the highly regarded format into the online environment. Responding to the limitations placed on us all by the pandemic has revealed tremendous … Continued