Systemic Leadership Coaching with Constellations: Introduction to the Essentials

Online , United Kingdom

Introduction This programme introduces you experientially to the core principles and skills that underpin a) Systemic Coaching and b) the application of Constellations in a coaching context. You will begin to integrate this systemic lens, and some powerful tools, such as constellating in one-to-one and team settings and diagnostic constellations of wider systems, into your … Continued

Systemic Leadership Coaching & Constellations: Practitioner Programme 2024 (modular online)

Online , United Kingdom

Introduction This is the online version of the original English-speaking Practitioner programme in Systemic Leadership Coaching and organisational constellations (known as COLPI). The training celebrated its 21st birthday in 2021 by transferring the highly regarded format into the online environment. Responding to the limitations placed on us all by the pandemic has revealed tremendous benefits … Continued

Freeing Up Your Future: 3-day Constellation Circle and Summer Retreat

Hawkwood College, Painswick Old Road. Stroud. Glos. GL6 7QW , United Kingdom

Introduction This 3-day Circle will be a resourcing and regenerative community helping you – as leaders, change makers and practitioners – realign with your true purpose and potential, and the flow of work that wants to come through you. And a chance to experience again the magic of in person full group constellations! The retreat … Continued