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Systemic Leadership Coaching with Constellations: Introduction to the Essentials (London)

October 1 @ 9:30 am - October 3 @ 5:30 pm

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The purpose of this three-day course is to introduce you to the essential principles, method and skills of Systemic Leadership through Coaching and Constellations; it will help you begin to integrate this profound systemic lens – and some powerful tools – into your existing practice of coaching or catalysing others through change.

Systemic Leadership Coaching with Constellations has emerged over the last twenty years as a powerful, awareness-based “whole self/whole systems” method for seeing and transforming challenges in our personal and organisational lives. By creating maps of the whole system, constellations enable the invisible dynamics of even seemingly intractable situations to be revealed – and often resolved – quickly and effectively.

To help you integrate it into your existing practice, it focuses on resourcing you with simple, potent constellating tools that can help you diagnose issues, test solutions and discover new possibilities for generative action.



Benefits: Developing Your Capacity

This programme grounds you in the core perspective and methods of Systemic Coaching with Constellations, and their application to 1-1 executive and team coaching and wider systems.

Specifically, you will develop or enhance your capacity to:

  1. Understand the key principles, history and sources of this work, and the CLEAR(TM) method of Systemic Leadership Coaching & Constellations.
  2. Use CLEAR – and a constellating methodology – in both 1-1 coaching and team coaching contexts, as well as setting up simple Diagnostic Constellations of wider systems, so that you help yourself and your clients rapidly gain a systemic “overview” on the nature of their challenges.
  3. Map issues and systems in different ways (desktop-style or with floor markers and use of human representatives) so that you can work flexibly in different contexts.
  4. Draw from all ‘4 Ways of Knowing’ – intuitive, emotional, embodied and intellectual intelligence.
  5. Understand, both experientially and conceptually, the ‘Hidden Orders’ that shape systems, enabling organisational change and well-being.
  6. Find the most empowering ‘place’ in relation to the coachee (or team) and wider organisation, and understand what this approach requires of the facilitator in terms of ‘stance’, presence & capacity.
  7. Put all this together, so as to strengthen your capacity to coach and help others.

There will be many opportunities to explore your own personal and organisational systems, both through exercises and demonstrations. We will dive deep (but lightly), we will have fun and we will learn together!



Who is it for?

The programme is for:

  • executive coaches and change agents (external or internal)
  • leaders or managers in all sectors who are supporting others through transformation and change, and who wish to integrate a systemic perspective and methodology into their work
  • coaches who have completed related systemic programs, such as the ORSCTM training, who wish to deepen their constellating capacity and understanding of the thought framework behind this approach
  • facilitators and actors working in the fields of sustainability and regeneration.

You will find it especially valuable if you are feeling stuck or stressed by seemingly intractable, complex problems with particular clients or work systems, or you are keen to find a way of coaching and facilitating others which draws more on your whole self (especially your presence, embodiment and intuition) as well as the systems of which you are a part.

The course will also likely challenge and expand how you see yourself and your work as a coach, change agent, or leader, while increasing your awareness of how organisations and people can flourish at a deeper level.


Certification    page3image13864 page3image14032

This three-day Introduction to the Essentials programme is dual-certified by both a leading coaching body and a leading systemic training body specialising in this work. First, it is certified by the International Coaching Federation (ICF), for Continuing Coaching Education and 19.5 CCEUs.

Second, it is also certified by, and run in association with, the Centre for Systemic Constellations (UK), the UK’s largest and oldest training body and faculty in this work, which runs trainings in Systemic Constellations worldwide.

Completion of this course enables entry to the longer 12-day Practitioner Certification part of our Systemic Leadership Coaching with Constellations Programme – known as COLPI – for 2024-5. You may also be interested in our courses exploring a systemic approach to personal and organisational purpose, and conflict transformation. Join our mailing list for updates on our courses.



Programme Details


Tuesday 1 – Thursday 3 October 2024


Tuesday 1 – 9.45am to 5.30pm
Wednesday 2 – 9.30am to 5.30pm
Thursday 3 – 9.30am to 5.30pm


Skylight Centre
49 Corsica St, London, N5 1JT




£1,180 + VAT (Organisationally sponsored)
£890 + VAT (3rd sector and small consultancies)
£590 + VAT (Self-sponsored) 
£290 + VAT (CSC student)
£147.50 + VAT (Under 35s – limited places available)

Early Bird discount
Early bird discount of 10% off is available before 6pm on 1 August. Just enter the promo code EARLYBIRD10 at the checkout.

Quarter-life, Quarter-price Tickets for under-35s
To support young people to access the considerable resourcing this work can offer, we have a limited number of bursaries to people under 35. Contact us if you are under 35 and would like to book a ticket at just 25% of the self-sponsored price.

Multi-person bookings
Contact us for an invoice if you are booking together with a colleague and you’ll receive 10% off.

Limited income practitioners
In these challenging times, bursaries may be available to people who want to attend but have financial circumstances which would otherwise prevent them from participating. Contact us to enquire if this is you.



What People Say

“These programmes [Essentials and COLPI] provide much more than building skills in applying Systemic Coaching and Constellations in organisations, they opens doors and windows to unanticipated personal and professional vistas, achievements and breakthrough, led with skilful wisdom.”
Robin Burgess, Executive Coach & Consultant, NHS Scotland Leadership Programme


“Excellent, superb even.”
Jason Nickels, Business Psychologist and Scrum Master, Intellectual Property Office (IPO)


“Incredibly helpful…it’s a deeply insightful and revealing process, which you handle with great skill and sensitivity.”
Hugh Evans, Director of Executive Education, Henley Business School


“You hold a fabulous teaching space around this work, and create a really powerful container for experiential learning and transformation… deeply supportive and inspiring. The work is profound and your leadership and experience do it real justice.”
Joey Walters, Coach and Founder, Women at the Heart of Leadership



Programme Leader

Edward Rowland is Founder of The Whole Partnership and a leadership catalyst and senior executive and team coach. A leading Systemic Coach and Constellations practitioner for both personal and organisational systems, he has delighted in co-pioneering this way of working in a leadership and work context for the last fifteen years. He learned the work in the early 2000s from its 1st generation pioneers, notably Gunthard Weber and Judith Hemming (on the original COLPI programme). He then co-pioneered systemic work as part of the innovation consultancy nowhere group for 5 years.



You can book your place today via the ticketing options below.

If you’d like further information or to discuss whether the course may be right for you, please contact Naomi Wilkinson on +44 (0)7796 488 722 or via [email protected].


October 1 @ 9:30 am
October 3 @ 5:30 pm


The Skylight Centre
49 Corsica Street
London, N5 1JT United Kingdom
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