High-performing organisations embody a culture of purpose. Research shows that purpose-driven organisations have greater customer loyalty, employee engagement and agility to deal with the unexpected. Their authentic purpose, attuned to the changing realities of a globally networked world, aligns strategy, spurs innovation and provides competitive differentiation.

Much less has been said about the skillsets and capacities needed to lead a purpose-driven business. Indeed, much of our thinking and intervening remains in thrall to the myth that leadership is just about individuals, or the ‘person at the top’. Without developing collective leadership capability, an organisation lacks vitality and misses out on new insights for innovation, growth and change.

Key Benefits

By contrast, purpose-led leadership and action energises individuals, builds teams and strengthens the system as a whole. The focus of our work is to help you develop the systems leadership capacities to create teams and cultures of purpose. It enables you to discover and attune to business purpose and step across the threshold to activate purpose-led leadership wherever you are in an organisation. This includes giving you practical, powerful tools for co-creating sustainable change.

“Profoundly insightful, awesome. Your creative process allowed us to explore the purpose of our organisation with amazing depth and precision. It’s difficult to conceive of another methodology that could be so powerful. It has left us with great clarity of direction and focus.” Charlie O’Malley, UNDP Senior Advisor.

Case Story

For a case story of our work with a senior leadership team, go here.

Getting to the Heart of Purpose

A short video where Sarah and Ed talk about discovering and articulating a purpose that serves multiple stakeholders and points of view.

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