Purpose-Led Leadership

There is an incoming tide around purpose-led business, encouraged by a growing business case for purpose – researched by EY, Deloitte, Harvard and Saïd Oxford business schools – which shows that purpose-led organisations have better business performance, customer loyalty, employee engagement and agility to innovate than those that seek profit alone.

However, our work and experience suggests that jumping on the purpose bandwagon cannot be merely a cosmetic exercise. Truly purpose-led organisations are healthy living systems, with a good flow of value, exchange and a vitality in their people and culture.

Leading on Purpose: A One-day Workshop 

We are delighted to bring forward a new one-day workshop on November 29th, 2018 called Leading On Purpose – led by Sarah Rozenthuler and Edward Rowland which introduces the key practices, capacities and principles of purpose-led leadership in an energising and supportive environment. For more details, go here.

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