Our one-day ‘taster’ workshops provide leaders, entrepreneurs and change agents with a working space for exploring ‘live’ challenges – both organisational and more personal – using our innovative ‘whole self, whole systems’ methodology. These workshops also allow you to see if our way of working is for you.

Systemic Coaching and Constellations: One-day Open Workshops

with Edward L. Rowland

The purpose of this one-day workshop is to introduce you experientially to some of the essential practices and methods of Systemic Coaching & Constellations, and strengthen your capacity to help others through change. You will:

  • Understand the nature of your challenge(s) through a systemic lens and “overview”
  • Resource yourself as a change agent, coach or leader of change with simple constellating practices – including embodied and desktop mapping in 1-1 settings – and discover new possibilities for generative action
  • Discover what steers you ‘off-track’ as a helper and align your work with what supports and nourishes your well-being.
  • Find the most empowering place in relationship to your clients and their systems as part of a peer supervision process, and the ease, strength and relaxation this typically provides

The next workshop in 2018 is in London on 13 November. For more details, and to book, go here.

Leadership Constellations: One-day Workshops 

with Edward L. Rowland

These one-day workshops introduce you experientially to the world of Constellations by enabling a limited number of leaders, entrepreneurs or change agents to bring a ‘live’ question or challenge to be constellated. These questions relating to your leadership can be personal, vocational or organisational.

We support the “question holder” to create a living map which represents the key elements of their question. This map enables the question holder to see the wider context, find their own place and identify what will strengthen the system as a whole. At the end of a workshop, participants will have developed a fresh perspective on difficult, often complex, challenges and have an embodied sense of their resources and ideas for action.

The next workshops are in London in 2019.