Systemic Coaching and Constellations offers leaders an effective source of support and inspiration for generating heightened levels of awareness, authenticity and creative action, fuelled by their unique purpose and contribution.

Leaders who learn to look at their challenges and issues from a more systemic perspective gain new insights into how they can embody the changes that are needed. They can then become a powerful resource for catalysing transformation and innovation within their teams and organisations.

Our transformational, systemic executive coaching is grounded in the mapping process known as constellations, which can be integrated into both one-to-one and team contexts.

Our  “whole self/ whole systems” approach draws on many different sources. We integrate the latest thinking in leadership with embodied presence, modern psychological understanding and adult development theory. This brings many benefits, including:.

Creating palpable shifts in people, enabling them to see business challenges in a different light, and to meet them with renewed energy.

Finding solutions that benefit the wider organisation as a whole by looking beyond individual learning or development.

Identifying opportunities to bring something new into the world, whether these are behaviours, actions, business processes, products or services.

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