Systemic Coaching with Constellations is a pioneering approach to seeing and transforming challenges at both an organisational and personal level. By creating maps of the whole system, it enables the invisible dynamics of even seemingly intractable situations to be illuminated – and often resolved – quickly and effectively.

We offer three levels of open learning programme for leaders, coaches and change agents, as follows:

  1. Introduction to the Essentials – for people new to this approach
  2. Practitioner Programme – for practitioners who want a thorough grounding and a community of learning, practice and innovation (‘COLPI’) to practice their systemic coaching and constellating skills with authority and confidence.
  3. Our Moving to Mastery Programme – our 2nd year training.

We also run Facilitated Practice Circles for our Systemic Community – for experienced systemic practitioners (who have at least completed the COLPI Practitioner Programme).

Participants often take these programmes sequentially. However, if you have prior experience with Systemic Coaching and Constellations, we would be happy to discuss which programme best meets your needs.

1. Systemic Coaching with Constellations: Introduction to the Essentials

with Edward L. Rowland and other members of the TWP team

This three-day programme introduces you experientially to the core principles and skills that underpin a) Systemic Coaching and b) the application of Constellations in a coaching context. You will begin to integrate this systemic lens, and some powerful tools, such as constellating in one-to-one and team settings and diagnostic constellations of wider systems, into your existing coaching and change practice.  

This programme is run in collaboration with the Centre for Systemic Constellations (UK) and is accredited by the International Coaching Federation (ICF) for Continuing Coaching Education (19.5 CCEUs). We run this programme by invitation worldwide and as a bespoke programme within client organisations.

For more details and dates, both in the UK and abroad, please go to the event calendar here.

2. Systemic Coaching with Constellations: Practitioner Programme (COLPI 2020)

with Edward L. Rowland, TWP team and Judith Hemming (guest faculty)

COLPI is the UK’s first and original Practitioner programme in systemic coaching and organisational constellations, and the training – celebrating it’s 20th birthday in 2020! – builds on a highly regarded format that has run since 2001. The purpose of COLPI is to give you a thorough grounding in this powerful systemic lens and transformational method(s), and support you to integrate and apply it in your existing practices of coaching and leading others through transformation and change.

It is for practitioners who want continuing coach education and support to practice their coaching and constellating skills with authority and confidence, so as to unlock the unique creative potential of individuals, teams and organisations. The programme consists of four learning circles (three days each) plus participation in experiential workshops and coaching support (a further two days.)

This programme is run in collaboration with the Centre for Systemic Constellations (UK) and is accredited by the International Coaching Federation (ICF) for Continuing Coaching Education (79 CCEUs.) (NOTE: This programme is for those who have prior experience of some kind, for instance they have already completed our 3-day Introduction to the Essentials – or related programmes like ORSC™ – or training in systemic family constellations).

Due to COVID-19, the 2020 COLPI programme has been delayed and will now begin in November 2020. For a video of former participants, watch below. For the event page and full details, go here.

3. Systemic Coaching with Constellations: Moving to Mastery Programme 2021 (COLPI Year 2)

with Edward Rowland and Tess Cope

This programme is is for practitioners who wish to deepen their capacity in – and understanding of – Systemic Coaching and Organisational Constellations, and move to mastery in this approach. This ‘Year 2’ programme is for everyone who has attended ‘COLPI’, our flagship training in Systemic Coaching with Constellations (or equivalent one-year programmes with other leading trainers).

The programme will provide you with a range of structural & phenomenological approaches so that you can apply them with confidence at a professional level in your existing practice (whether that is 1-1 executive, team coaching, group constellating or consultancy in wider systems).

The next programme will begin in 2021. For the event page and full details, go here

Systemic Community – Facilitated Practice Circles 

These ongoing circles are for practitioners in our Systemic Community who are further developing and refining their Systemic Coaching & Organisational Constellating practices, and who wish to take them to an Advanced level. 

These circles are for experienced systemic practitioners (who have at least completed the COLPI Practitioner Programme or an equivalent programme with a recognised trainer).

The next series of circles will begin in early 2020. Full details will be published shortly. If you would like to apply to join, please Contact us.


We also run annual Masterclasses with Judith Hemming – who pioneered the original COLPI Programme in the UK – as well as occasional international seminars led by colleagues from overseas, such as the two-day International Workshop by Jan Jacob Stam on the Emergent Future and Systemic Constellations.

If you would like to know further details about any of these training programmes, please Contact us.