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How Do We Find Ways Forward That Serve Everyone? Introducing Systemic Constellations Work

“We live in a time of massive, institutional failure creating results that nobody wants.” Otto Scharmer Introduction How do we create ways forward that serve the whole system?  How can we access the leadership skills we’ll need to navigate the complexities of the systems we are working within, transform conflicts, discover a true and potent purpose … Continued

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Transforming Conflict from ‘Stuckness’ to ‘Flow’ – Guest Article by Milly Sinclair

How can we take a systemic approach to conflict? “Conflict transformation is clear in vision because it brings into focus the horizon toward which we journey, namely the building of healthy relationships and communities…. This process requires significant changes in our current ways of relating.” John Paul Lederach, The Little Book of Conflict Transformation “Out … Continued

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Cleaning the Fishtank: A Systemic Lens on Purpose-Led Leadership and Organisations

“Rarely do managers focus on the quality of the fishtank & what surrounds the fish: they mostly notice individual fish and become fixated on them. But if the water is toxic, the fish suffer. If there is no movement in the water, it will be deprived of life-giving oxygen.   Wise owners do not blame … Continued

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