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A Hidden Architecture – the Orders of Systemic Change

(NOTE: This article originally appeared in Coaching At Work magazine in June 2017).   Leading systemic coach Edward Rowland explains the “hidden architecture” in organisations and how leaders can work with it to create effective organisational cultures Working with leaders across the world for more than 17 years, supporting them to create sustainable and effective organisations, … Continued

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How Leaders can Build Trust across the Whole Organisation

Trust, not authority, is the only glue that will hold organizations together in a diverse, global, technology-empowered world Paul Polman, CEO Unilever   by Sarah Rozenthuler    Building trust not only between individuals but also systemically – between teams and across a whole organization – is vital for enhanced business performance and employee wellbeing. I … Continued

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The Wisdom of the System: the Perspective of Constellations Work

“If you want to go fast, go alone – if you want to go far, go together” African proverb quoted by Paul Polman, CEO Unilever, BBC News, 16/01/2017   Systemic Coaching and Constellations work has emerged over the last 20 years as a powerful, awareness-based approach to seeing and transforming challenges in our organisational and … Continued

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