Our generative practice helps clients to see the bigger picture, attune to their purpose and best future possibilities, and find ways forward that strengthen the whole system.

Our creative ‘whole self, whole systems’™ approach draws from, and integrates, leading-edge maps and methodologies. This original synthesis offers a real resource to leaders, entrepreneurs and coaches during these times of systemic change and challenge. 

We draw from:

  • Systemic Coaching and Constellations, a pioneering approach to seeing and transforming challenges at both an organisational and personal level. By creating maps of the whole ‘system’, it enables the invisible dynamics of even seemingly intractable situations to be illuminated – and often resolved – quickly and effectively. (We continue to run the UK’s first and most in-depth trainings in this method, including the long-standing COLPI programme, see Programmes).
  • Systemic Dialogue and the art of creating containers for powerful conversation in coaching, teams and groups. (Our core partner Sarah Rozenthuler’s book Life-Changing Conversations was published by Watkins in 2012. Our free ebook can also be downloaded here).
  • Presencing and ‘Theory U’, based on a 10-year research project at MIT Sloan Business School, is an awareness-based social technology that seeks to facilitate profound innovation and transformation. The presencing process maps a journey that connects us more deeply both to what wants to emerge in the systems of which we are part, and to our emerging, higher self. 
  • Presence (mindfulness) and self-inquiry practices – as well as profound maps of awareness – drawn from various wisdom traditions, ancient and modern.
  • Integral Theory and the adult, developmental work of Robert Kegan, Bill Torbert, Suzanne Cook-Greuter, Bill Joiner and others, various psychological approaches as well as recent business school and scientific research.

You can find articles, case studies, ebooks and videos relating to our practice in our Resources section.