From Stuckness to Flow: A Systemic Approach to Transforming Conflict

Join us on this creative 2-day programme to explore together how we can build more effective and agile organisations needed by our stakeholders and much-needed by our society.

We will look squarely at the conflicts we each experience daily in this VUCA world from both a personal and systemic lens, and find a way through to transformation and flow.  

Purpose of the programme

We will explore:

  • What is conflict trying to tell us that we need to hear?
  • How do we as an organisation deal with conflict already?
  • How can we think differently about conflict so it becomes an enabler for growth and innovation, not a hindrance?
  • How do we support individuals in conflict, whilst seeing the big picture?
  • How do we work creatively with difference, even those stark and deeply held, to discover the solutions we need in a complex and ambiguous world?

Who is it for

  • Board level leadership, Heads of HR, OD leads and anyone facing conflict or situations where there is significant difference of opinions in his or her workplace/role on a regular basis.
  • People, including conflict professionals, who want to ‘taste’ a different approach to conflict transformation

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