We co-create bespoke purpose-led leadership programmes in organisations. We also run the Purpose Programme, our open programme, at least once a year. 


with Edward L. Rowland and Sarah Rozenthuler

This transformational programme in purpose-led leadership comes in two parts:

  • Stepping into Personal Purpose (Three days)
  • Leading Purposeful Organisations (Three days)

Taken together, these sessions help people to (a) attune to their personal purpose and organisational purpose, and (b) align them so that they reinforce and amplify each other.  We therefore encourage people to attend both sessions, although either can be taken as a stand-alone if you wish.

Stepping into Personal Purpose

A transformational personal leadership journey, this programme invites you to discover and step more fully into your own unique purpose, gifts and contribution in your work. It will also support you to embody more of your true potential in your organisation and in the world.

The next programme is in London is June 19-21 2017. For more details, please go to the event page here.

Leading Purposeful Organisations

The core intent of this companion programme is to help you develop the systems leadership capacities to create teams and cultures of purpose. It enables you to discover and attune to business purpose and step across the threshold to activate purpose-led leadership wherever you are in an organisation. The programme focuses on giving you practical, powerful tools for co-creating sustainable change.

The next programme is in London on November 7-9, 2017 (Leading Purposeful Organisations). For more details, please go here: flyer.

PLEASE NOTE: If you have not worked with us before, we recommend that you attend our one-day taster workshop on 26 April 2017 – see flyer here. 

For any other queries, please contact us.