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From Stuckness to Flow: A Systemic Approach to Transforming Conflict

November 12, 2019 - November 13, 2019


Join us on this creative 2-day programme to explore together how we can build more effective and agile organisations needed by our stakeholders and much-needed by our society.

We will look squarely at the conflicts we each experience daily in this VUCA world from both a personal and systemic lens, and find a way through to transformation and flow.  

From stuckness…

Conflict is everywhere, from inter-team politics to the tragedy of armed warfare. Within organisations it can turn up as stalemate and sabotage. It often gets talked about behind backs around the water cooler, or with feelings buried under cold politeness.  Usually it turns up as a sense of ‘stuckness’. Often the organisations’ creativity and performance stagnates. As leaders, we often don’t know the cause, and little changes.

To Flow

Conflict is expressed between people, and so we usually try and deal with it there.  However, it is our experience that although the ‘effect’ is personal, the cause is often systemic and structural. We therefore need a much wider and more sophisticated lens both to understand it, and to respond and transform it effectively.  This will lead to a greater productivity and flow within individuals and the system as a whole.


Purpose of the programme

We will explore:

  • What is conflict trying to tell us that we need to hear?
  • How do we as an organisation deal with conflict already?
  • How can we think differently about conflict so it becomes an enabler for growth and innovation, not a hindrance?
  • How do we support individuals in conflict, whilst seeing the big picture?
  • How do we work creatively with difference, even those stark and deeply held, to discover the solutions we need in a complex and ambiguous world?


Who is it for
  • Board level leadership, Heads of HR, OD leads and anyone facing conflict or situations where there is significant difference of opinions in his or her workplace/role on a regular basis.
  • People, including conflict professionals, who want to ‘taste’ a different approach to conflict transformation


What will I and my organisation benefit from this programme?


  • a deeper understanding of my triggers to conflict and its impact on my ability to connect with others
  • a deeper clarity of what I can learn about myself through conflict
  • developing more choices in how I act in conflict

With Colleagues, within Teams

  • an understanding of how ill-expressed and un-expressed conflict leads to stalemate
  • creating structures to allow for safe expression of difficulty
  • a deeper understanding of how to move from breakdown to a flow of collaboration and creativity

For the Organisation as a whole

  • an insight to what interpersonal conflicts may be telling us about the system as a whole
  • a chance to explore structural changes to support the organisation to flourish and thrive.

Wider Stakeholders

  • a deeper understanding of how we can work with our wider organisational stakeholders – who may have conflicting interests – to enable all to flourish

For a short video with facilitators Milly Sinclair and Ben Yeger, see below:




What People Say
“Thank you, 9/10! Profound learning – all the exercises and the sense of narrative and evolution of the process as a whole. The constellation work was very powerful for me, and well resourced by everything that came before”
Sholeh Johnstone, Facilitator, Mediator and Coach.
“Overall this was a very powerful and potent two days for me, I’m still digesting and distilling my learnings which have been significant for me around my current conflict. The design was cumulatively powerful for me as I had insights into themes in my responses across different activities – suggesting further areas for me to explore, eg. when I look away and when I look towards. Furthermore, the way the activities built on each other helped me begin to see some broader patterns and give me a meta-understanding of my inner and outer relationship with conflict

Deborah Haskew, Organisational Psychologist and Executive Coach



Milly Sinclair has been working as a facilitator for over 20 years, particularly around areas of leadership, conflict transformation and change.  Originally with a psychotherapeutic and theatre background, she has been a systemic practitioner and coach for over ten years, and in all her work she brings up to date psychological and business theory to life with an original and creative approach. Milly has worked with organisations such as Mitsubishi, Unicredit Bank and Amnesty for many years supporting them in the area of conflict transformation. She has also worked in this area through her interfaith, intercultural and peace work in Israel/ Palestine and through supporting the development of community cohesion projects.

Ben Yeger is the Founder of Moving Conflicts and UK representative of Combatants for Peace (CfP). Ben has 25 years experience of group facilitation and training and creates innovative, nonviolent and collaborative interventions which transform conflict from barriers to relationship into opportunities for change. After serving in the Israeli Army (83-86), Ben left Israel making a promise to himself that he would never carry a weapon again. Over the last 25 years Ben has worked with people from a wide variety of backgrounds and ages.



£590 + VAT (Organisationally sponsored)

£375 + VAT (Self-sponsored)

£250 + VAT (Students of COLPI 2019/2020 and the CSC Applied and Foundation courses)

A limited number of other bursaries are available for full-time students, the unemployed and young entrepreneurs and change agents under 35. Please contact Ben at: [email protected]



To secure your place, please book and pay below. Alternatively, if you would rather pay a 30% deposit now and the balance later, you can request an offline invoice by emailing Tricia at: [email protected].

If you have any other queries, please also contact us.



November 12, 2019
November 13, 2019


St Ethelburga’s Centre
78 Bishopsgate
London, EC2N 4AG United Kingdom
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