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Systemic Leadership Coaching & Constellations: Practitioner Programme (COLPI 2022- blended online format)

May 24 @ 9:30 am - November 4 @ 6:00 pm

Community of Learning, Practice and Innovation
Introduction: A Community of Learning, Practice and Innovation

COLPI is the original English-speaking Practitioner programme in systemic coaching and organisational constellations. The training celebrated its 21st birthday in 2021 by transferring the highly regarded format into the online environment. Responding to the limitations placed on us all by the pandemic has revealed tremendous benefits available through working with constellations online. We are pleased to offer this training again in a blended online/in person format.

The purpose of COLPI is to give you a thorough grounding in this powerful systemic lens and transformational method(s), and support you to integrate and apply it in your existing practices of coaching and leading others through transformation and change. It also invites you to step more fully into your own unique potential and contribution as a change agent or leader and innovate new work that matters to you.

This programme is run in collaboration with the Centre for Systemic Constellations (UK) and is accredited by the International Coaching Federation (ICF) for Continuing Coaching Education (79 CCEUs).



Who is it for?

It is for coaches, change agents, leaders and professionals in commercial, public or voluntary sectors, who know they love this way of working, and who have begun the journey of using a systemic lens in some real-life context.

It is for practitioners who want continuing coach education and support to practice their coaching and constellating skills with confidence, so as to unlock the unique creative potential of individuals, teams and organisations.

It is especially appropriate for those who coach, catalyse or lead others through transformation and change.

NOTE: This programme is for those who have prior experience of some kind, for instance they have already completed our 3-day Essentials or related programmes like ORSC™ or training in systemic family constellations.



Developing Your Capacity (Presence, Knowledge and Skills)

This programme enhances your capacity to use the Systemic Coaching and Constellating process to unlock both your own unique creative potential, and that of the individuals, teams and organisations you work with.

COLPI’s specific aims include developing your capacity cumulatively in 4 widening contexts:

1. Self and Other

  • Develop your Presence, Contact and Embodied Leadership as a coach & constellations facilitator.
  • Take your one-to-one Systemic Coaching to a more advanced level, including your fluency with different methods such as desktop style and floor markers.
  • Understand and tap more fully into your resources and strengths – including your Unique Purpose, and Enneagram type – and help your clients to do the same.

2. Team Contexts

  • Develop and apply a constellations-based approach to Systemic Team Coaching.
  • Deepen your understanding of Conscience and the Hidden Orders of Change in systems.

3. Organisational Contexts

  • Develop your capacity with diagnostic constellations of wider systems – including Structural Constellations – and shadow consulting work to help colleagues find their ‘right place’.
  • Develop your use of experimental Sentences and Movements (in group, team and 1-1 settings).
  • Learn how to move constellations towards resolution in a group setting.

4. The Market and Wider Ecosystem

  • Work with creative, decision-making and customer-focused constellations and apply them to creative projects, marketing or business development questions (both your own & your clients).
  • Design, market and introduce programmes and interventions based on this way of working, and integrate this approach with other leading-edge technologies, such as Presencing and Theory U.



Programme structure

The 7-month programme includes in person and online learning.

The course is designed and held to enable us to bring our full presence to this work, which many find refreshing, resourcing and transformative, particularly in the online environment.

The format is as follows:

  • Four x 3-day Circles, the first in person in London (non-residential) and online thereafter. This format includes focussed teaching and extensive practice in using this work effectively in an online setting. Each Circle closes with a day of practice, integration and supervision.
  • One 1-1 coaching session – by phone or Skype – to clarify your learning needs before the programme.
  • 3 Practice Periods – between the circles – amongst peers and in your work settings. Participants will form peer groups and be encouraged to develop a ‘Creative Project’, where you focus on applying a systemic lens to an existing or new area of your practice (of YOUR choice) e.g. 1-1 or team coaching or family businesses.
  • COLPI participants can also claim a 33% discounted space at our optional online masterclasses. Contact us to book your place at:
      • Deepening into Personal Purpose with Ed Rowland and Deborah Haskew
      • Masterclass with first generation practitioner Judith Hemming.
      • Conflict Transformation: A Systemic Approach with international conflict specialists Ben Yeger and Milly Sinclair.

Those completing this programme become part of our ever growing COLPI alumni community, and are welcome to

      • springboard onto our COLPI 2 ‘Moving to Mastery’ training.
      • participate in our summer practice retreat on the land at the beautiful Hawkwood College in the Cotswolds.
      • continue practicing with their peer groups for years after completing their training, as many groups still do.



What People Say

“Wonderful training, wonderful people and wonderful work. The power of systemic leadership coaching and constellations to simplify complexity and create new ways forward never ceases to amaze me! It’s been a gift in my life. Very much looking forward to the next circle.”

Sam Taylor, Leadership Coach and Programme Director at The Somatic School

“COLPI is both very inspiring and very well structured – in the way it builds up from the personal level to the wider ecosystem. It is full of creative exercises and tools that I, as an L & D professional, have used since then. The facilitators are excellent, very knowledgeable and create the space for personal & also collective growth. Highly recommended!”

Alexandra Katakalea, Performance and Learning Partner, KAUST

“Brilliant the whole way through, and you led it beautifully…superb teaching and a fabulous awakening journey, it has led me down a pathway of fresh professional and personal growth that I could not have conceived of, or anticipated”.

David Adams, Coach, Alchemy of Coaching Ltd.

“Grounding and resourcing, spacious, enjoyable and enlightening – the COLPI Practitioner Programme has strengthened my confidence, encouraged me to be brave and given me the solid framework within which to do some really powerful work with my clients.”

Nisheeta Shah, Coaching Co-Lead and Senior Executive Coach, Global Management Consultancy


Certification    page3image13864 page3image14032

This COLPI programme provides a Practitioner Certificate in Systemic Leadership Coaching & Constellations, which is dual-certified.

First, it is certified by the International Coaching Federation (ICF), for Continuing Coaching Education and 79 CCEUs.

Second, it is also certified by, and run in association with, the Centre for Systemic Constellations (UK), the UK’s largest and most experienced research body and faculty in this work.



Programme dates 2022

The programme will run from May to November 2022, beginning with an in-person first circle in London, and online thereafter. Participants are encouraged to self-organise peer practice group sessions both online and in person where possible between the learning circles.

Dates are as follows:

  • Circle 1: 24-26 May 2022 (Greencoat Place, London)*
  • Circle 2: 30 June-1 July and 4 July 2022 (online)
  • Circle 3: 6-7 September and 9 September 2022 (online)
  • Circle 4: 1-2 November and 4 November 2022 (online)

*PLEASE NOTE: Although we intend to run the first circle in person, if this is not safely possible at that time we will run it online (using the same dates).




£2200 + VAT (Self sponsored)

£3350 + VAT (Organisationally sponsored – 3rd sector and small consultancies)

£4250 + VAT (Organisationally sponsored)

Note: that these prices are lower than the fully in-person trainings. Bursaries may also be available in these exceptional times, if you would otherwise be unable to come.

There is a 10% discount available to current students of the CSC Foundations and Applied trainings.

There is a second time supersaver ticket of 25% discount if you want to repeat the programme again (however we give priority to first-timers).



£4,150 + VAT (Organisationally sponsored)
£3,350 + VAT (Organisationally sponsored – third sector and small consultancies)
£2,200 + VAT (Self-sponsored)
£1,100 + VAT (50% discount rate for students of CSC Foundations and Applied training past and present – and practitioners who are under 35 years old)



Please contact us if you would like to talk to Ed about attending this group.

To apply, please contact Tricia for an offline invoice by emailing her: admin@wholepartnership.com. You will need to pay a 30% deposit to secure your place.


May 24 @ 9:30 am
November 4 @ 6:00 pm


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