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Systemic Leadership Coaching & Constellations: Moving to Mastery Programme 2021 (COLPI Year 2)

June 8, 2021 - November 18, 2021


We are delighted to bring forward again our Moving to Mastery programme for practitioners who wish to deepen their capacity in – and understanding of – Systemic Leadership Coaching & Organisational Constellations. This ‘Year 2’ programme is for everyone who has attended ‘COLPI’, our flagship Practitioner training in Systemic Coaching & Constellations (or equivalent one-year programmes with other leading trainers).

The programme will resource you as a systemic practitioner to move towards mastery, and provide you with a range of structural & phenomenological approaches so that you can apply them with confidence at a professional level in your existing practice (whether that is 1-1 executive, team coaching, group constellating or consultancy in wider systems).

We will explore the question: how can we lead – both ourselves and our systems – from purpose, heart and the Emergent Future, and catalyse others to do the same? We will therefore invite you to bring your own vocational, leadership and organisational questions, and apply a systemic lens to these, so as to help you bring your unique potential and best future possibilities more fully to life.


What You Will Learn?

The programme will develop the skills and capacities needed to explore and then resolve a range of organisational, leadership and vocational questions. It will focus on taking your systemic constellating skills towards mastery, not only in classical group constellations but also team (or leadership group) and 1-1 coaching settings.

You will develop the capacity to:

  • identify and work appropriately with personal challenges as they arise in the organisational and leadership context. This includes working appropriately with personal, vocational issues such as purpose, money and books (‘offspring’) – and behaviours – that have their roots in a family or ancestral context
  • use this lens to help leaders and change agents discover and attune to their personal and organisational purpose, so as to realise their highest potential
  • work with multiple stakeholders in situations of conflict
  • help the system ‘see itself’ – with teams or leadership groups in large complex systems – where external representatives may not be available or appropriate
  • take constellations of complex organisational systems to resolution
  • work with the archetypal realm in an organisational context (building on the teaching of Judith Hemming around the 5 Realms). This will include working with 4 Leadership Archetypes, for yourself and your clients

The event will include space for using this lens to exploring your personal questions, and your learning and development as practitioners. There will also be space to explore new developments in the field, and for creative dialogue in the group about the development and potential of this work in the world, and what’s needed by all of us to bring this forward more fully.

Deborah Rowland, the author of Still Moving and a COLPI 2011 alumni, will also share her pioneering experience in using constellations work as part of large-scale corporate transformation.


Who Is it For?

Everyone who has attended COLPI over the last 18 years, either with Judith Hemming or Ed Rowland. The course is also open to people who have completed equivalent programmes in systemic coaching and/or organisational constellations with other leading trainers.



The programme consists of 2 x 4 day core learning circles plus 2 x 2 day practice circles.

Due to the delay to COLPI 2020 Year One caused by COVID-19, we are now looking to run this programme in summer and autumn 2021 (dates tbc).

Participants can also attend an optional two day Masterclass with Judith Hemming.



Ed Rowland, who is the Founder of – and lead facilitator – for TWP.

Tess Cope’s business expertise is in Leadership Development & Cultural Transformation and works exclusively with corporate clients.  She has been developing her systemic mastery since attending Colpi in 2012 and has studied with a wide range of teachers & guides in this field, including Judith Hemming (UK), Caroline Ward (UK) Jan Jacob Stam (Netherlands), Sarah Peyton (US), Jane Peterson (US) and more recently with Ruud Knaapen (Netherlands) – where she is developing her systemic horse coaching practice (constellating with horses).

Guest faculty (tbc) will include Deborah Rowland, author of Still Moving and Judith Hemming, who developed the original COLPI Programme






Please Contact us if you would like to talk to Ed about attending this programme.

Due to the uncertainty around in-person events, we are not confirming the dates, taking bookings or payment at this time. However, to register for a place – so that we can contact you as and when we go ahead – or have any enquiries, please email Tricia at: admin@wholepartnership.com.






June 8, 2021
November 18, 2021


The Skylight Centre
49 Corsica Street
London, N5 1JT United Kingdom
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